Anonymous asked
Hey! Have u seen Paul Kalkbrenner live ?

Hey there!

Actually no I haven’t, but I have seen his brother Fritz. I would love to see Paul though, I think anyone who has seen ‘Berlin Calling’ would! Have you?  


This is evidence that Yvette and I ‘sang’ at Mauerpark karaoke. We only wanted to do this fucking song because of the ghetto fabulous rap that we both had down - and then they had cut it out!!! Hence we go to pieces somewhere around the middle… Oh welll, eh!

The sun was rising over the Spree outside Watergate, and then this dropped. Couldn’t ask for a better final weekend.

Ich komm aus Friedrichshain, du Muschi

I met Andy and his cousin at Heerstraße and from there we turned our backs on the city and headed deeper into the countryside. It’s amazing how in the space of a few stations the noise and hustle and bustle of city-slicking becomes a distant memory as you are immersed in rurality.

We trekked further into the greenery and made our way along the winding paths leading to the observatory. Closed to the public now, it is steeped in history and attracts youngsters such as us for it’s unbeatable views across the cityscape. Having slipped through a hole in the fence we clambered up the mud banks to the foot of the tower. A few people were enjoying the tranquility, having a BBQ in the summer sunshine but we made our way into the derelict building and up it’s numerous flights of stairs.

Each level was covered top to toe in graffitti and you had to keep your wits about you to avoid the gaping holes in the floor. The sides of the building were completely missing and a walk over to the side made your legs feel like jelly. On the open terrace a few likeminded souls were sunbathing and taking photos of the view. Berlin was encompassed with foliage and the ‘Welt’ balloon hung in the sky like a lampshade above the sprawl of concrete. Someone had created a make-shift swing from the dome and Andy swung back and forth high above Berlin.

After a while we continued our journey to the very top of the dome where we entertained ourselves throwing bottles from the edge and watching the planes jut out from the horizon.

With time rapidly slipping away I have been trying to see as much of Berlin as possible, and in this spirit Yvette and I took off for our ‘day of fun’ yesterday. I hired a bike and we went to Victoria park and Treptower park to break into the abandoned ‘Spreepark’ fun fair. We found it tucked away in the woods but as we were assessing our entry, a stream of tourists arrived and we thought it best to abort our plan - much to our dismay.

Last Sunday, Kasia and I went to an open air beach party at Müggelsee to see Ricardo Villalobos. Fortunately we got there about 2pm as it sold out soon after, so we spent the whole afternoon cotching in the sunshine, drinking gin and dancing on the sand as the djs spun records the whole day long.

This time next week I will have packed up my room and will be jetsetting to Barcelona to begin a month long Eurotrip. I am so excited to see Helen and Kelly and to get some serious tanning time, but will of course miss Berlin. Anyway, that means this weekend has got to be the one. I’ve got to say my goodbyes to Berlin in the only way I know how. By partying. Hard.

Czeching out Praha-ha-gue

So last week Erika text me inviting me to Prague with herself and Bróna. I booked Friday off work and my 39€ train ticket and before I knew it I was en route.

The train journey there took about 5 hours and we arrived in the main station about 14:00. The first mammoth task was to withdraw Czech crowns which are about 24 to the Euro so I felt pretty G carrying around 2000 pees, despite it being only 83€.

That evening we headed into the city armed with my trusty bible of Prague clubs (which I had found online somewhere) with the intention of going on an organised bar crawl. However when we got to the meeting point and saw the other participants we decided against it. They were all about 17-years-old! We thought it best to make our own bar crawl which, if measured on inebriation, I would rate as highly successful.

With slightly sore heads and temultuous stomachs, the next day we went on a walking tour. We had a couple of hours to kill and being the eagle-eyed youngsters that we are, we headed to a shopping centre where we had spotted a sign for Marks & Spencer. Unless you live abroad for any length of time, you cannot possibly imagine the excitement that could come with such a discovery, and when we got to the mall it was as though all our Christmases had come at once. There it was, right beside the M&S - TOPSHOP!!! We spent a good hour perusing the shop, where I almost had a heartattack seeing the four-figure sum of my bill having managed to spend 1,350 Czech crown.

The walking tour was awesome.  It lasted 3 hours and was free of charge, you just tip what you feel to be appropriate. Our guide Christian, the self-proclaimed Swedish ninja, was pretty entertaining but after trekking all over the city it was definitely time for a disco nap. There was some peculiar Asian girl in our dorm who woke us all up pretty early by stomping around the room and slapping her own face, so we hadn’t had much in the way of sleep.

Saturday night we had only one destination in mind. The five-storey clubcalled Karlozy Lazne situated on the river. Beforehand we headed to Aloha Bar (fresh off my list) for cocktails, where we unintentionally became embrawled in a hen party and had a delightful view of a male stripper. Despite his unquestionably athletic frame, Bróna was quite frightened of him. We caught sight of his junk, finished our drinks and headed to the club.

We discovered a room with a multicoloured lit up floor, playing old-school crap like Poptarts or some shit, but we met a huge stag group and they were pretty entertaining. I don’t know why it always happens to me, but some hench German guy grabbed me and was just spinning me around incessently. I tried to literally run away from him but he would grab my arm and pull me back. He threw me about so much that my hair became an afro and eventually I managed to leg it away and rejoin the stags. We were all having a grand ole time but I felt it was time to leave when I pointed out one of them was groping my bare arse (it was a short dress, sorry Mum) and he replied, “I know it’s nice, do I get a kiss then?”

After another sleepless morning at the hands of the face-slapper, we checked out and went into the city to visit Wensceslas Square where student, Jan Palach, set himself alight in a protest against the Communist regime in 1969. Which was cheery as you can well imagine. To lighten the mood we then made our way up to the castle. Located on a hill, it boasts lovely views across the city and was a nice way to round off our trip.

We got a car share back to Berlin for 17€ each and the journey only took 3 1\² hours. I was in some little seat in the boot of the car with all the luggage which was surprisingly comfortable in spite of the distinct lack of leg room.

Unfortunately the joys of the weekend soon turned sour when this morning I got up for work to find that love of my life, Beryl Bou had been stolen from outside my very own apartment. I am currently grieving my loss, please respect my privacy at this emotional time. I have no further statement.